COMMERCE - 12TH : Introduction

H.V. Desai Junior College was established in 2005. In the First Year it was for Commerce stream only. Later in 2006 Science stream was also introduced.

       The institution is run by an educational and charitable foundation namely “The Poona Gujarati Kelwani Mandal”, Pune. It Provides quality education to youngster who are the future of our Nation. The medium of instruction is English and the faculty is well qualified and dedicated to the profession. Initially the strength was very less and now the number of students raised to 120 as we offer option for Commerce & Science stream. we have Mathematics as an option for secretarial practice (S.P.) for Commerce stream and Geography as an option for Mathematics & Biology in Science stream. Information Technology is introduced as an option for Marathi in Commerce as well as Science steam. All the options were introduced in 2015 & 2016 respectively.


      The laboratories are well equipped and the computer lab is provided with highly configurated machines. Since 2010 the college come up with excellent results. The graph of our results is showing an upward progress with respect to the academic results.


        In these eleven glorious years of service the college produced above two thousand well versed students who are working in famous institutions of private and govt. sector. Many of them secured seats in prestigious medical and engineering colleges of Pune. The college is keen to inspire sincere and intelligent students through various Scholarships and Academic Excellence awards.



  • Guru Pournima - A tribute of respect to our great gurus
  • Teacher Day - felicitating the great teachers of society
  • Health Awareness Lecture - On Junk food org. by COEP Speakers
  • Sendoff party - 12th comm. & Sci.
  • Debate Competition - Org. by H. V. Desai College in coordination with Bank of Maharashtra
  • Cultural Activity Week - Celebrating various days such as tie day chocolate day, retro-metro pink day. Black & white day. traditional day
  • Science Marathi Day celebrated
  • Board paper solving - Lastfor 12th comm. & Sci.
  • Various competitions - Rangoli, cookery, Face Painting, mad – add, nail art. Debate. Hairstyle poster, Mahanadi, poetry, Shero-Shayari competition was enjoyed by the children in great numbers.
  • Best out of Waste
  • Gitam Scholarship Exam – Organized by Gitam university in co ordination with lokmat H .V. Desai college for 12th Science
  • Remedial Teaching - Expert guest lectures series arranged for 12th comm. & Sci. by experienced & eminent teachers of various colleges.