DEPARTMENT OF M.COM. : Introduction

As per the guidelines of the National Education Policy - 2020, Higher Education System is required to focus on consistent growth and development of learners, which help them to face global challenges with required competence and a mind-set full of human values and integrity. Haribhai V. Desai College of Arts, Science and Commerce and Savitribai Phule Pune University has revamped its two year Post Graduate degree program, Master of Commerce (M.Com.) to inculcate holistic approach through a well-designed syllabus, to achieve the multidisciplinary approach as envisioned by the NEP- 2020.

Keeping in view the requirements of global trade, commerce and industry, the level of the M.Com. program has been elevated by integrating theory, practical, on the job training through extensive internship programme, research and community-oriented courses. The programme will empower learners to accept professional challenges in a more effective and efficient manner. Learners will further develop an ability to make appropriate decisions based on skills and knowledge inculcated through the curriculum.


  1. To train and equip learners of post graduate program to understand and accept the challenges of corporate world and to withstand them through the study of analysis of advanced commercial and business methods and processes.
  2. To develop independent logical thinking and facilitate personality development.
  3. To acquaint learners with significance of research in business.
  4. To impart skills regarding methods of data collection and their interpretations.
  5. To develop communication and analytical skills among learners.
  6. To make learners industry ready.
  7. To impart required knowledge to help them to provide new insights for the better work culture in the corporate world.
  8. To help learners to imbibe correct values through capacity building and implement them through on the job training.


The M.Com. Course will be of Two Years duration consisting of two part. i.e. Part I and Part II. Each part consists of two semesters. Thus, the M.Com. Course is of Four Semesters. For each Semester, there will be 22 credits. Total credits are 88.


  1.  Advanced Cost Accounting & Cost System
  2. Business Administration

Course Structure: 

The M.Com. degree course will be of two-year duration consisting of four semesters and of 88 credits as below:

Sr. No. Semester Total Credits
1. Semester I 22
2. Semester II 22
3. Semester III 22
4. Semester IV 22
Grand Total: 88