Established in 2016

     The inception of M.Sc. Environmental Science course was with the vision of awareness amongst academic ambassadors regarding the environment and environment related problems.

     Environmental Science being an interdisciplinary subject, our coursework utilizes various aspects of pollution, restoration, and remote sensing to serve as a problem solving tool. The students are inculcated with a problem solving approach and aitude to the on-going environmental challenges. The department is currently in the development stage as 2020-2021 is the 5th academic year since inception.

Goals of the Department -

  • To develop understanding of interdisciplinary nature of the subject.
  • To develop scientific understanding and analytical approaches for mitigating environmental problems with remediation and restoration techniques.
  • To generate awareness about current and future environmental issues.
  • To nurture the knowledge, respect, love, and passion for the environmental protection and safety.
  • To develop skills of analysis and communication, bearing in mind disciplinary traditions and diverse publics.
  • To develop socially responsible citizens by cultivating curiosity, compassion, collaboration, and hope.