Established in 2016

     The Department has well organized infrastructure and has well equipped laboratories. Sophisticated instruments like, U.V. Spectrophotometer, U.V. transilluminator, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, bacteriological incubators, shaker water bath, Distillation Unit, Oven, fermentor, colorimeter, COD analyzer, Magnetic stirrer , laminar airflow , shaker incubator, Lyophilizer, PCR, Gel Doc System, Cooling Centrifuge, ELISA Reader, Horizontal and Vertical Gel Electrophoresis units are available in the department.

   The classrooms are facilitated to adapt to advance teaching methodologies. The Department has a well-established departmental library. The department has highly qualified and experienced faculty (NET /SET Qualified / M.Phil/Ph.D. degree holders). The department is continuously striving hard for the all-round development of students. Apart from the curricular activities, the students are motivated to participate and organize co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The teaching and nonteaching staff have been striving hard to reach higher academic standards without compromising with teaching assignments and routine college activities. The eagerness of faculty to keep abreast of recent development in their respective fields led several members of the teaching staff to participate in various faculty improvement / development programmes during the year.

    The student approach is consciously promoted as a policy by management which is enhanced by the research project (BCUD, ISRD, UGC) undertaken by faculty. Most remarkably, department has state of art and quite spacious laboratories which provides the space for ample equipments and instrumentations, also accommodate a good number of students for project work and research purposes.